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Culture, in its multiple forms, occupies a prime position in the evolution of the human society. It encompasses behaviours, norms and tangible and intangible expressions with a distinct impact on all spheres of life.  Participation in culture builds self-esteem and improves resilience, as well as relieves from isolation and overall improves health and well-being.

In addition to its intrinsic value, culture provides important social and economic benefits that are key to local development. Cultural Tourism and Creative Industries have risen during the last decades as areas sustaining significant growth.



Cultural diversity and the underlying  aesthetic  and social values deserve much attention in the current global context.  

We believe that local culture represents a source of specific talent and value, and that distinct heritage and cultural expressions of diverse social groups have to be preserved and supported.



Culture is an asset for the success and sustainability of  development policies, programmes and initiatives.

We believe that improvements in areas like gender related issues, access to education, decent work conditions and exercise of civil rights are better approached if the cultural context is taken into account. 



Cultural and Creative Industries stand in a privileged  position to contribute to  growth in a socially responsible economy.

We believe that promoting local artistic production and craftsmanship, including that of minorities and social or economically vulnerable groups, can make a significant contribution to societal progress. 

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