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What we do 

ARTS operates across the following areas: 

We develop original research on creative economy and culture for sustainability. We develop audit processes and evaluations to drive policy development,  business process improvement and to contribute to fact based decision making.

We provide consultancy services for institutions and cultural ventures with a social remit.  Our team supports local practitioners  with strategic planning,  management and  specific expertise for social enterprises projects in the creative sector across scale.  

We design and facilitate actions for growth and development of local talent in the creative sector. We plan and implement initiatives for knowledge flow modelling, training, community participation and network enlargement.

We plan and deploy advocacy programs for cultural initiatives. We assist and facilitate actions to expand the initiative audience and to back local, regional and global fund-raising strategies.

Provide independent research based on a multidisciplinary  approach.


Deliver strategic   transformation  initiatives to address social innovation  challenges.


Analyse social and cultural impact of initiatives and policies.

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